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Design Dos & Don’ts

Dabbling in Design: Design Dos and Don’ts

wall art
Express Yourself

Save money and re-use what you already own. Have a great quilt or collectibles? Displaying these is fun and expresses your personality.

Light Reflections

Use mirrors to reflect light around a room. They add a feeling of spaciousness. Note: avoid placing them too close to windows, as this can cause undesirable glare.

house plant
Go Green

Small plants are easy to take care of and add color and improved air quality to a room. Great low-maintenance plants include ferns and Peace Lilies.

Art Collecting

Space artwork or photos in groups 3″ to 5″ apart, to create an interesting, organized look.

Most Important!

Keep your space clean; toss out old medicines and newspapers and file your bills. You’ll find a dust-free, organized space looks great and feels good, too.

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