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Interactive Floor Plan

Good Form and Function:
Interactive Floor Plan

Style, Stability and Ease

straight backed chair

Choose seating with enough structure in the back and arm rests for strong support getting in and out.

Expanding Your Options

table with flowers

Choose a dining table with leaves for double-duty: it saves space folded and accommodates guests opened.

Single Piece, Multi-Purpose

tv stand

A buffet or sideboard can also function as a TV stand, bringing a multi-functional piece to the room.

Taking the Edge Off

round coffee table

Choose tables with round edges to prevent injury, and avoid glass tops for better visibility.

A Distinct Accent

throw pillows on couches

Use small, colorful pillows and throws to add accents and warmth to a room.

At Your Fingertips

lamp dimmer

Install easily accessible dimmers to bedside lamps for a greater convenience turning lights off and on.

Uniquely Yours

wall art

Keep some of your personal collections by displaying them as wall art.

Maximize Space, Minimize Strain

closet organizing

Closet organizing systems help to maximize closet space and provide easy access to a variety of personal belongings.

Playing Up the Differences


Use contrasting colors in the bathroom to more easily find items.

Fabulous and Functional


Install ADA compliant lever-style faucets in the kitchen; they're easier to operate as well as good looking.

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