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Multi-Step Moving Guide

Think Inside the Box: Multi-Step Moving Guide

About Moving

First, establish your moving day, then plan it out. Senior retirement communities have known this for years: break up what has to be done into segments and you’ll find it’s not as difficult as it seemed. Here are some suggestions of when and how to schedule your tasks.

8 weeks before moving day…

  • Make a plan with family or professionals to move your items.

  • Begin sorting through your belongings.

6 weeks before moving day…

  • Map out your furniture arrangement so you know what will go where.

  • Give away, donate or discard the items you won’t use.

5 weeks before moving day…

  • Hire a moving company (if using one).

  • Make a list of everyone who needs to be notified of your move—friends, relatives, businesses, utility companies, subscriptions, etc.

  • Contact Social Security with your new address at

4 weeks before moving day…

  • Pack--with or without assistance--in a steady fashion over the next week or two.

  • Label all your boxes to keep track of what belongs where at your new place.

  • Begin using up frozen and other perishable food.

  • Contact utility companies to arrange shut-off dates, final billing details, etc.

  • Take any rugs, curtains or slipcovers to the cleaners to pick up after your move.

2 weeks before moving day…

  • Pack a suitcase with your essentials such as medications, eyeglasses, a book or magazine, nightclothes and a change of clothes, toiletries and cosmetics. That way, you’ll have what you need at hand while you’re unpacking at your new place.

  • Charge your cell phone and other devices (if any) and pack your charger(s) in your suitcase.

Moving day…

  • Be ready and available for the movers or helpers at the designated time.

  • Remove all trash.

  • Do a final check before leaving so nothing is forgotten, then lock doors and windows.

  • Leave keys, garage door openers, etc. as planned with relatives or realtor corners.

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